What is escape room

This is a game in which a team from two to six members are entering for 60 minutes in especially prepared rooms with riddles, tasks and codes for unrevealing. The game is dynamic and emotional because every right decision will lead players to the next level which will offer different challenges and new experience. The main purpose is having fun.

Is it safe?

The game, the objects, tasks and every interaction in the rooms are completely safe.

Are the games scary?

We tried not to bring you heart attack. Don’t forget – having fun is important!

How long is the game?

The game is around 60 minutes.

Are there any “not to”?

We don’t allow persons used drugs or alcohol in rooms. Bringing drinks, weapons, tools and smoking are also forbidden. Using of recording devices, mobile phones during the game are forbidden. If you break those rules your game will be cancelled immediately.

Are there any age restrictions?

Because of the nature of the games they are not allowed for persons under 16 years.

What if our group is more than 6 persons?

You can divide on two teams and also you can do a competition between the teams.

If we have already a reservation but we cannot come or the number of players changed?

If this happens please contact us to discuss the changes.

Do we need special skills and knowledge to play?

No. You will need only good mood and friends to gather a team. All rooms are different and offering different emotions and experience.

What can we do if we struggle solving tasks and challenges?

The game is overwatch by our operators and in case you have difficulties we can give you hints which will help you to continue the game.

Is the game suitable for team buildings.

Our games are team related which makes them suitable for teambuilding because it makes people to play as a team and to help each other. If you are interested in teambuilding please contact us or check Teambuilding section.

What is going on if we are late?

If you are late with more than 15 minutes after the booked time then the reservation is cancelled. We can We can make an exception only if the time after yours is not booked for another team.

Can I stop playing before the end of the game?

If there are unexpected circumstances related to your health condition or any other important reason which is interrupting your game you can always say that and our operator will help you get out of the room. The game can be paused until you return or cancel if needed.

If you have more questions:

In our contact section you will find a feedback form as well as other ways to contact our team. We will be happy to answer every question you may have. Please check Information and Questions sections before that.

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